VIDEO: Protesters camping to halt Bayou Bridge

The Daily Caller published an article on recent Bayou Bridge opposition efforts, going “behind the scenes” deep into the Atchafalaya Basin. While most activist groups have managed to keep their demonstrations legal, one fringe-faction known as L’eau Est La Vie Camp has taken to the bayou to do whatever it takes to stop the pipeline’s timely construction. Although the project has obtained all necessary permits and carries statewide bipartisan support, protesters continue to ramp up their tactics, risking their safety and the safety of pipeline workers and nearby community members.

A short video also published with the Daily Caller article, including interviews and footage from the Basin. ETP spokeswoman Alexis Daniel was featured in the video, discussing the millions of dollars in taxes that have been given to or will be given to communities along the pipeline route, and the potential for how that money will be spent to better public infrastructure and municipal services. Brett Stassi, sheriff of Iberville Parish, emphasized the risk these protesters pose to themselves and pipeline workers, adding that most are not even from Louisiana, and have come from as far as California and even France.

The video also featured an interview with a L’eau Est La Vie Camp protester, known as “Babyface,” who appeared to have memorized some basic arguments and couldn’t speak much more beyond a few talking points. The article provides some insight into the group’s internal operations, writing:

L’eau Est La Vie is very active online with a repetitive fundraising strategy. Members continually perform extreme acts of protest — such as chaining themselves to a 50-foot crane — and announce it on social media. The group then asks supporters for donations via GoFundMe. It also does this when alleging violence or misconduct by Energy Transfer Partners or arrest of their comrades.

For example, L’eau Est La Vie leaders recently accused ETP of driving past one of their boats in the water so quickly that the splash from the wake eventually sunk their boat. However, their claims about what exactly happened have changed over time, with one spokeswoman originally saying she wasn’t sure who drove the boat that caused the wake but others later claiming for certain that ETP was the offender. They have also given different numbers of how many protesters were affected.

In response to L’eau Est La Vie Camp’s numerous claims, ETP’s Alexis Daniel is also quoted in the article:

“The bulk of their claims are either false or greatly exaggerated. They are using this narrative as a fundraising campaign. We have stated from the beginning of the project, as with any of our projects, that we understand and respect differing opinions about these types of infrastructure projects. But what we do not support are the illegal actions and false claims that are continually made about the project, our vendors and workers, and the industry in general. Our first priority always remains to the safe construction and operation for all of our assets.”

As the completion of Bayou Bridge nears, Louisianians for Energy encourages protesters to consider their safety and the safety of pipeline workers before utilizing risky, unlawful tactics.

Watch the full video here: