STATEMENT: Judge Keith Comeaux’s Ruling on Bayou Bridge Pipeline

Yesterday, December 6, Judge Keith Comeaux ruled on a group of landowners’ lawsuit against the Bayou Bridge Pipeline. According to news reports, the ruling will allow construction of the pipeline to continue, with project developers paying $150 to each of three landowners involved in the dispute.

Below is a statement you can attribute to me, Randy Hayden – spokesman for Louisianians for Energy:

“The Bayou Bridge Pipeline underwent a rigorous review process lasting more than two years, after which time all relevant local, state, and federal permits were granted. Building on that foundation, project developers have gone above and beyond regulatory minimums in ensuring that construction occurs safely, with minimal impacts to local communities and the environment.

Now, construction is nearing completion and the pipeline is expected to go into service in the coming months. Communities along the pipeline route are already reaping the benefits of this project in the form of millions of dollars in investment across the state.

The ruling, which will allow construction to proceed, underscores both the thorough review process as well as the benefits that Bayou Bridge has created for local communities in our state. Louisianians for Energy applauds Judge Comeaux’s resolution to this legal matter so that Bayou Bridge can begin operations without further issue.”


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