STATEMENT: Appeals court finds Louisiana DNR properly issued Bayou Bridge permit

On Wednesday, January 30, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal in Louisiana issued a decision on the Bayou Bridge Pipeline. In a 4-1 ruling, the court found that the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) acted properly in issuing a Coastal Use Permit for the pipeline project. According to the decision’s conclusion, “we reverse the district court’s judgment and uphold the validity of the Coastal Use Permit issued to Bayou Bridge for . . . construction and operation.”

Below is a statement on the decision that you can attribute to me, Randy Hayden – spokesman for Louisianians for Energy:

“Last week’s decision confirms that our state’s regulators were thorough in their review of Bayou Bridge. It also underscores the DNR’s conclusion that the pipeline will not result in any adverse impacts to Louisiana’s environment. It’s encouraging to witness the court uphold the rule of law in this manner. As Bayou Bridge reaches the final stages of construction, the project’s many benefits to the state of Louisiana, our energy industry, and our workers continue to become evident. Louisianians for Energy looks forward to the project going into service and safely transporting energy resources.”


Louisianians for Energy is a grassroots effort to defend Louisiana’s oil and gas economy and jobs. Energy is vital to Louisiana, providing family-supporting jobs for generations. We believe that investing in Louisiana’s energy infrastructure creates employment and economic opportunities that benefit residents across the state.  For more information, visit our website or follow us @LAforEnergy