Protest Tactics Risking Safety of Protesters, Pipeline Workers

InsideSources recently published an article on the recent protest tactics utilized at Bayou Bridge construction sites. For months now, protesters have practiced unlawful and dangerous tactics in an attempt to halt pipeline construction. Protesters have resorted to blocking roads, chaining themselves to construction equipment, and kayaking too close to construction zones.

Now, in their latest demonstrations, protesters from L’eau Est La Vie Camp have turned to sitting in trees and installing suspension devices between trees they are referring to as “aerial pods.” They claim that “ETP cannot continue cutting [trees] without endangering the life of the person in the sky pod.” The group continues to boast about the ingenuity of their tactics, while ignoring both their own safety and the safety of pipeline workers.

The state of Louisiana recognizes the risks posed by unsafe protest tactics. The InsideSources article highlights the new legislation:

A law which passed the legislature earlier this spring with strong bipartisan support (64 sponsors of the House version alone) increases the penalty for unauthorized entry to and damage of critical infrastructure. The change also amends the definition of critical infrastructure to include pipelines and pipeline construction sites.

The article includes a quote from Energy Transfer Partners, the developer of Bayou Bridge, urging protesters to consider safety before these demonstrations:

It is important to remember that it is not safe for people who are not specially trained and are not wearing the appropriate protective clothing to be on or around an active construction site… In situations where trespassing occurs, local police are alerted. We do work closely with local  law enforcement to ensure the safety of our workers and of all others in the area.

Louisianians for Energy thanks the state legislature for recognizing the importance of critical energy infrastructure and encourages all protesters to keep demonstrations within the parameters outlined by Louisiana state law. We look forward to the safe completion of Bayou Bridge and the great benefits it will bring to the state.

Read the full article here.