Press Release: Diverse Coalition Launches in Support of Louisiana’s Energy Industry

BATON ROUGE, La. — Supporters of Louisiana’s oil and gas economy announced today the launch of Louisianians for Energy, a grassroots effort to defend the state’s energy industry and the broad array of economic benefits it creates for local community members. Louisianians for Energy counts the Louisiana Propane Gas Association as well as more than 2,300 online supporters among its initial members.

 The energy industry has long been a pillar of Louisiana’s economy, providing good paying jobs, generating millions of dollars in revenue for local economies, and producing the energy resources that consumers across the country rely on each and every day. Today, the industry provides employment for more than 100,000 Louisianians, according to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy and Employment Report.

In order to continue operating safely and efficiently, Louisiana’s energy industry requires timely investments in its infrastructure. Underground pipelines are not only the most efficient means of transporting energy resources – they’re also the safest, ensuring the wellbeing of Louisiana’s communities and environment.

“The Louisiana Propane Gas Association is proud to be a part of this coalition,” said Randy Hayden, Executive Director of LPGA. “The propane industry in our state relies on continued support for the  energy industry to succeed, and we’re thrilled that Louisianians are showing their support.”

“Louisianians for Energy represents an important voice in our state,” Hayden went on to relate. “In Louisiana, fostering a climate for economic growth starts with the energy industry – from the transportation of oil and gas to refining operations along the Gulf Coast, oil and gas operations are a catalyst for economic activity in the state.”

In the coming weeks, Louisianians for Energy will announce the addition of new members. More information is available online at, on Twitter @LAforEnergy, and on Facebook (

Louisianians for Energy is a grassroots effort to support Louisiana’s oil and gas economy and jobs. Follow Louisianians for Energy on Twitter @LAforEnergy.