Planned LNG projects a boon to Southwest Louisiana

Louisianians for Energy President Randy Hayden’s latest letter to the editor in the Daily Iberian:

As The Advocate recently noted, the state of Louisiana now leads the nation in natural gas exports. This is great news for our state — particularly in light of the number of proposed export facilities that promise to maintain economic growth for the Gulf Coast for years to come. According to the report, “Louisiana already produces the majority of U.S. LNG exported around the world and that dominance is expected to grow exponentially if all the planned projects come online.”

These planned projects — including Lake Charles LNG, Driftwood LNG, Magnolia LNG and Commonwealth LNG — could well revitalize the Lake Charles region of Louisiana. From the millions of dollars in investment that construction brings about to the thousands of jobs and related economic activity, Southwest Louisiana could be at the forefront of the next great American economic engine.

One only has to look to the recently completed Bayou Bridge Pipeline to see how energy infrastructure development can benefit a whole host of residents in the area.

It’s important to remember that Louisianians have the know-how to complete these projects right. Thanks to our extensive history with the energy industry, we know how to construct and operate the infrastructure that produces, transports, and refines our country’s natural resources. As our export capacity grows, we can expect related benefits to follow. Liquid natural gas and its derivatives play a role in a range of uses, from providing clean-burning propane to electricity generation and industrial uses.

It’s an exciting time for Lake Charles and for Louisiana’s energy industry. Let’s hope our elected officials continue to provide an environment that’s ripe for investment and for economic growth. Regulatory certainty and a clear path forward for planned projects will be key to ensuring the continuation of these benefits for our state.

Randy Hayden