Oil & Gas Industry – A Lifeline for Louisiana Businesses

Energy isn’t the only industry that benefits from the growing number of pipeline infrastructure projects across the country. InsideSources recently published an article on the importance of the oil and gas industry for small business in Louisiana. While the energy industry offers more than 260,000 jobs in Louisiana and supports thousands of others in small towns across the state, the development of infrastructure projects also provides much-needed commerce for small businesses in the region. The article highlights the experience of small business owner Kyle Bertrand, and the benefits he has experienced from nearby oil and gas projects. Bertrand owns a small chain of laundry facilities in the Lake Charles area. The article states:

[Bertrand] says that while his grandfather originally started the business after failing to get a job as a postman some sixty years ago, business has really picked up in the last few years as more infrastructure projects like energy pipelines and petrochemical plants came to the area. Over the past 5-6 months he estimates that business has increased by between 15 and 20 percent, as work increased on the Bayou Bridge pipeline and other projects in the area.

Later in the article, Bertrand mentions that he even moved one of his locations to be closer to several pipeline projects. His increased business is not unique, as the article also highlights the spike in business experienced by nearby RV park Cajun Haven. Owner Jeff Morgan credits Bayou Bridge and other nearby infrastructure projects for bringing in a steady flow of customers.

Although this article only focuses on small businesses in Louisiana, it is not the only state whose businesses benefit from oil and gas projects. Energy infrastructure projects around the country create well-paying jobs for community members, provide millions in tax revenue for both state and local government, and welcome a steady flow of customers to local businesses, hotels, and restaurants. Louisianians for Energy appreciates the business brought to towns across the state by critical infrastructure projects like Bayou Bridge, and looks forward to the project’s safe completion later this year.