Louisianians for Energy Statement on President Trump’s LNG Facility Visit

Later today, President Donald Trump will visit Sempra Energy’s $10 billion Cameron Parish natural gas-export facility to highlight the importance of U.S. energy development and the role of energy exports in supporting thousands of jobs throughout the region. Louisiana leads the country in LNG exports and its capacity is expected to increase in coming years with the construction of several major export facilities – such as the proposed multibillion-dollar Shell and Energy Transfer joint-venture in Lake Charles. American energy dominance has been a cornerstone of President Trump’s policy agenda.

Below is a statement that can be attributed to me, Randy Hayden, President of Louisianians for Energy:

“We commend President Trump for his commitment to our nation’s oil and gas industry. As one of the top five natural gas-producing states with nearly one-fifth of the country’s oil refining capacity, Louisiana is playing a critical role in American energy development. Investment in the energy industry creates well-paying jobs, promotes economic growth, and meets the needs of American consumers. Louisiana is a shining example for states across the country, showcasing the importance of a strong energy industry – and Louisianians should be proud of their state’s significant contributions in fueling the U.S. energy boom.”