Louisianians for Energy President Randy Hayden Featured on WWL New Orleans

This past weekend, WWL New Orleans ran a segment on the completion and in service of the Bayou Bridge Pipeline. The segment featured an interview with Louisianians for President Randy Hayden and highlighted the importance and benefits of the project.

Hayden notes that pipelines are the safest and most efficient method of transporting oil and gas products, as he tells WWL:

We do pipelines better than just about anyone in the world. We’ve got great expertise. A tremendous track record for safety. Its economically viable. It’s the best, safest way to get oil from one place to the next.

Hayden also points out that the pipeline promotes economic growth and more opportunities for Louisianians:

There is about 1.8 million dollars in property taxes in those 11 parishes that are going to be paid in the first year in that pipeline, specifically. That’s going to offer opportunities to pay for new roads and bridges, law enforcement, local police officers. That’s just in that area.

Louisianian for Energy welcomes the operation of Bayou Bridge this week and looks forward to the continued benefits the pipeline is expected to bring to both the state’s economy and energy industry.

Watch the full segment here.