Louisianians for Energy featured in Business & Industry Connection Magazine

Louisianians for Energy was recently featured in Business & Industry Connection Magazine in an article highlighting the coalition’s efforts to promote the oil and gas industry and emphasizing its important role in the state’s economy. The article spotlights the beginnings of the grassroots effort and the need for a group working to protect the best interests of Louisiana’s energy industry. The article includes comments from coalition president Randy Hayden, writing:

According to Hayden, Louisiana’s economy is built on safe and reliable access to its energy resources; it is the lifeblood of the Pelican State’s economy. Hayden emphasized that expanding Louisiana’s infrastructure network is critical to future development and is in the best interest of the state and nation.

“One of Louisianians for Energy’s goals is to provide real statistics and real data that will help paint an actual picture of the safety, value and importance of pipelines and their relationship to Louisiana’s economy. We hope to be an additional voice in support of the oil and gas industry, the tens of thousands of employees who work in these businesses, and the communities that have developed and grown as a result of this important industry sector.”

“We believe that factual studies and reasoned discourse will provide the basis for better understanding of these businesses and their importance to everyone in our state. There is oil and gas money in every city, every community, every family and every pocket in Louisiana. Our belief is that for Louisiana to grow, this industry needs to flourish. Our hope is to be a part of that growth.”

Louisianians for Energy is a volunteer organization, and is always looking to grow its membership. It is time to stand up for the industry and let leaders across the state know how important it is in their communities. In conclusion, Hayden emphasizes the critical role of the energy industry perfectly, contending, “The harsh truth is that Louisiana would literally go bankrupt without its presence, and America’s security and standing in the free world would literally be at peril.”

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