Louisiana’s Economy Booms With Oil & Gas

Louisiana operates as a major hub for all things oil and natural gas. With numerous pipelines running through and across the state, as well as exporting hubs on our southern coast, we are perfectly positioned in America’s booming oil and natural gas industry, allowing us to reap the rewards of an industry that continues to reach new heights.

Our economy is built on our ability to reliably and safely transport natural gas and oil from one place to another, providing incredible access to our nation’s abundant natural resources. We rely on these resources – it’s the lifeblood of our economy – and continuing to invest in our infrastructure and our workers will help grow and solidify our place on the American energy stage.

In Louisiana, the oil and gas industries support more than 110,000 jobs, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, ranging from operations and monitoring to the physically building of pipelines and managing refineries and plants. We shouldn’t ever let ourselves become complacent or satisfied with our position when we can be proactive and ambitious. Continuing to grow and expand our energy infrastructure will create more jobs, boost local economies, and improve the overall livelihoods of hard working Louisianians throughout the state.

And there are a number of such projects currently ongoing. Take the Bayou Bridge Pipeline, for example. Construction recently began on the 163-mile pipeline, and throughout the process of getting it into the ground Louisiana will enjoy more than $800 million in economic impacts. That’s job creation, wage creation, along with increased income for the restaurants, hotels, and movie theaters patronized by construction workers along the line. That’s an investment in our state that will come back in a big way.

We’ve begun to see prosperity through our role in the energy industry, but we have the opportunity to spread that abundance to every single citizen of our great state. The time is ripe as America’s position on the international energy stage continues to grow. It’s time to invest in our energy infrastructure, and it’s time to help Louisiana succeed with flying colors.