Louisiana Poised To Be Major Player On Global Energy Stage

We already have an incredible network of hubs that ship oil and natural gas here in Louisiana, something that has bolstered our economy and employed thousands of hard workers in our home state. The United States continues to set new records for liquid fuel production, setting a record one month only to break it the next. While production continues to soar, demand in the US has remained relatively stable – and that’s where Louisiana comes in.

Worldwide demand for natural gas and oil continues to rise, and so as production continues to increase we’ll more and more be looking to make deals with foreign nations, shipping our abundant natural resources to the benefit of Americans – and Louisianians. Improving and expanding our energy infrastructure will allow us a greater capacity to ship oil and natural gas around the world, bringing more and more of that economic benefit right back to Louisianians here at home.

Projects like the Bayou Bridge Pipeline are a prime example of what we ought to be supporting. It will better connect Louisiana to more than 2 million miles of infrastructure in the U.S., letting Louisiana become a focal point for the shipping of natural gas and oil. Not only will the state benefit from building these pipelines, but they will provide continued economic impacts as Louisiana can become a worldwide hub for transporting energy around the globe.