Louisiana playing critical role in increasing US LNG exports

Louisiana continues to play a key role in US energy development. From LNG export facilities to crude oil refineries and new pipelines, the state is a driving factor in boosting American energy capabilities. Louisianians for Energy President Randy Hayden recently highlighted the state’s contributions in a letter published by the Daily Comet. Discussing the US as a net exporter of crude oil and LNG, Hayden writes:

In fact, Louisiana is playing an important role in these trends, with projects like Cheniere Energy’s Sabine Pass LNG Export Terminal, the nearly complete Bayou Bridge Pipeline, the Lake Charles LNG terminal and a host of other major infrastructure components contributing to our growing influence in the global energy market.

Further, the Houston Chronicle and Seeking Alpha recently reported on new LNG export facilities in the Gulf region. The Chronicle reports developers are expected to inject a combined $20 billion in the region over the next four years. This investment is largely fueled by “[d]evelopers [who] are racing to build LNG export terminals to capture growing demand from Asian countries shifting from coal to cleaner-burning natural gas.”

Seeking Alpha highlighted Energy Transfer’s proposed Lake Charles LNG import-to-export conversion project. The facility has the capacity to receive liquefied natural gas imports, but the company is considering converting the facility so it can export LNG to overseas buyers, leveraging existing infrastructure to keep development costs contained. Although several years away from coming to fruition – Seeking Alpha reports Energy Transfer is working to locate buyers willing to sign long-term supply contracts.

These projects are major accomplishments for the state of Louisiana, and many of its residents will soon reap the benefits. As Randy Hayden concludes in his Daily Comet letter:

These projects benefit more than just the energy industry. Whether it’s a pipeline, refinery or LNG export facility, jobs will be created, tax revenue will be generated, and the local economy will benefit. Economist Loren Scott recently projected a significant influx of new jobs is coming Louisiana’s way — largely as a result of the booming oil and gas industry across the state and the expected energy growth in the Gulf.