Louisiana Energy Industry: Critical Source of Employment for the State

Louisiana is at the heart of oil and natural gas production. With countless Louisianians employed in the state’s energy sector, their future relies on these continued job opportunities.

The energy industry is a major contributor to Louisiana helping to fuel job growth in the state. From January to June 2017 Louisiana added an average of 3,300 jobs per month and doubled the national average job growth in the second quarter last year, according to the State of Working Louisiana. And what is to thank for the state’s boom in job growth? Construction in the energy sector.

Louisiana’s construction industry increased by 15,500 jobs from June 2016 to June 2017. That 11.1 percent growth in construction jobs mostly stem from energy-sector growth from the development of new liquefied natural gas facilities.

But even that does not accurately represent the full extent of the energy sector’s impact on the state. According the U.S. Energy and Employment Report Louisiana has around 113,217 traditional energy workers statewide, 73,609 of those are in the fuel sector. These jobs help thousands of hard-working Louisianians put food on the table, pay their bills, and send their children to school.

It is time that Louisianians stand up and fight for their future. We must protect our energy infrastructure against those who want to destroy it before it’s too late.