LNG investment key to Louisiana economy post COVID-19

The coronavirus has presented Louisiana with unprecedented challenges in recent weeks. But while we continue to work through this together, it is important we don’t lose sight of the long-term. This pandemic will pass, and when it does, our state’s energy industry stands ready to play a key role in ensuring Louisiana is stronger than ever before.

While global demand for natural gas and oil has temporarily fallen and Saudi Arabia and Russia continue to flood the already-depressed oil market, we cannot put the brakes on LNG infrastructure investment. When we emerge from this pandemic, natural gas will remain a crucial component of our global energy future given its efficiency, affordability, and sustainability.

It is critical we move forward with proposed large-scale export projects, like Tellurian’s Driftwood LNG and Energy Transfer’s Lake Charles LNG. These projects will help stabilize the economy, put thousands of Louisianians back to work in high-skilled jobs, provide additional tax revenues, and create new opportunities for our state.

Louisiana’s energy industry has served as the backbone of our economy for decades, and its ingenuity and resiliency are positioned to make it a key player in overcoming the current challenges.