Letter to the Editor: U.S. Must Expand Pipeline Network

The Point Coupee Banner recently printed a letter to the editor by Charlie Melancon, former Democratic member of Congress and former Louisiana Secretary of Wildlife and Fisheries, on the need for increased energy infrastructure.

While the United States is experiencing an energy boom, states like Louisiana are setting record-high production numbers. Noting this growth, Melancon points out the need for innovative pipelines to transport the abundance of oil and gas, and work toward energy independence.

 “In an era when we are producing record amounts of energy, it is simply illogical that some states have resorted to relying on imported LNG from abroad to meet the energy needs of their residents due to pipeline constraints.”

Melancon notes that pipelines are the most effective method of moving oil and gas, and while some parts of the country are landing the benefits of the oil and gas boom, other areas are struggling due to inadequate pipeline infrastructure. Pipelines are always important, but especially during a time with an excess of product because transporting oil and gas through a pipeline is faster and safer than doing so through railroads and trucks.

Louisianians for Energy welcomes pipeline infrastructure to effectively transport natural oil and gas to communities across the country. It is imperative that elected officials understand how investing in energy infrastructure is a win for their constituents and not a contentious political issue.