“Let’s Make Sure We Get the Facts Right” on Bayou Bridge

Lousianians for Energy President Randy Hayden recently wrote a letter published in The Advocate to address the growing issue of misinformation regarding the Bayou Bridge Pipeline. Activist groups and media outlets have disseminated false statements and accusations regarding the project. However, as Hayden writes:

The Bayou Bridge pipeline has been under stringent review by federal, state, and local authorities for more than a year. Highly skilled and expert career professionals examined every aspect of this pipeline’s planned construction and found that it would have little to no impact on the environment as well as the local communities along the route.

The Louisiana Department of Natural Resources has rightly recognized the safe practices demonstrated in the construction of Bayou Bridge. We look forward to the completion of the pipeline and its contribution to our critical energy infrastructure. As Hayden concludes:

As public debate on this project is sure to continue, let’s make sure we get the facts right.

Read the full letter here.