Judge’s ruling on Bayou Bridge more than a win for energy

Daily Iberian recently published a letter by Louisianians for President Randy Hayden highlighting Judge Keith Comeaux’s recent ruling on the Bayou Bridge landowner lawsuit. Comeaux ruled Bayou Bridge Pipeline had the right to seize property under eminent domain and the project will pay $150 to each of the three landowners involved in the dispute. In his letter, Hayden writes:

Despite the benefits the project is creating for local communities, these landowners with ties to nationwide anti-energy protests challenged the pipeline. After attempting to draw deep connections to the property, it was quickly revealed during trial late last month that the property owners were more like outsiders with ulterior motives. At least one of the plaintiffs has never even resided in the state of Louisiana and none of the three had paid taxes or maintained the land in any way. Additionally, one plaintiff admitted she had never stepped foot onto the property.

After undergoing a rigorous review process and obtaining all necessary permits, Bayou Bridge is more than 90 percent complete and is expected to be in service in the coming months. Hayden argues that this is not just a win for the energy industry, as the industry plays such a critical role in Louisiana’s economy and supports thousands of jobs across the state. His letter concludes writing:

The ruling on Bayou Bridge is not simply a win for the energy industry, it’s a win for anyone with Louisiana’s best interests in mind. Judge Comeaux’s decision demonstrates that the rule of law will prevail over ill-conceived litigious attempts. Louisianians for Energy looks forward to the safe completion of Bayou Bridge and the great benefits it will play in fueling our state’s energy needs.