Gov. Edwards Voices Support for Louisiana Energy Infrastructure

During his most recent “Ask the Governor” radio series, Governor John Bel Edwards received a constituent question regarding concerns over the Bayou Bridge Pipeline. Edwards expressed his support for the project, responding, “A properly constructed modern pipeline is the safest way to transport these products.”

Governor Edwards acknowledged that protecting Louisiana’s environment is a top priority of his administration. However, environmental conservation and economic growth are not mutually exclusive. Edwards reiterated that the pipeline’s builders have obtained all necessary permits and will continue to follow all laws during the construction process, ensuring that no corners are cut.

The economic benefits from pipelines like Bayou Bridge are plentiful. The project provides millions of dollars in tax revenue, puts hardworking Louisianians to work, and promotes critical development throughout the region. We look forward to the positive effects that are sure to spread across the state as a result of this investment in our energy infrastructure, and we thank Governor Edwards for voicing his support for projects like the Bayou Bridge Pipeline.