False Reporting on Judge Turner’s Decision on Bayou Bridge Pipeline

Energy infrastructure often faces an uphill battle, with many opponents pushing misinformation on the safety of the projects. Now the media is distorting the truth, reporting false facts on Bayou Bridge Pipeline.

A local media report stated a Louisiana District Court judge’s order could halt progress on construction of the Bayou Bridge Pipeline. This is false. What Judge Alvin Turner Jr. actually ruled is that the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) “adjudged and decreed that the matter [be] remanded to the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources for further proceedings.” Meaning Judge Turner actually ordered the DNR to take another look at its review of the pipeline.

Bayou Bridge underwent rigorous and thorough regulatory process, spending enormous time and effort to ensure that the project would not result in any long term impacts to the communities through which it passes or the environmental resources of Louisiana. Federal, state, and local officials have all reviewed the pipeline, finding it any potential impacts to the Atchafalaya Basin are only a tiny impact of the wetlands’ overall health. Stopping construction in the Basin could actually cause more harm than good, creating the risk for significant environmental impact.

We hope that moving forward we can work together to prevent further misinformation on critical energy infrastructure to spread.