Expanding Energy Infrastructure Helps Louisiana

For years, our economy in Louisiana has thrived on our unique position in the energy industry. We’re a tremendous hub for moving and shipping our nation’s great natural resources, and hundreds of thousands of Louisianians have enjoyed the benefits that come along with that position. We need to make sure that we continue to pave the way and solidify our place in America’s energy picture. To do so, we need to continue to invest in our infrastructure.

Louisiana has a vast network of energy infrastructure already, with pipelines transporting natural resources that are produced across the country. Expanding this existing infrastructure, and ensuring that our pipelines are state of the art and efficient, will create hundreds of thousands of jobs, boost the economies of parishes throughout the state, and bring further investment from across the country.

The oil and gas industries in Louisiana already employ 110,000 Louisianians, and we know how to do this right. We’ve been doing it for generations, and bringing greater infrastructure online will allow us to spread that expertise to more people, more communities, while creating good paying jobs and helping our country move forward.

Investing in our energy infrastructure is a no brainer – it’s something we’ve done for years, and something we must continue to do. As we go through the process of expanding our infrastructure, we need to continue to put a premium on safety, making sure that our incredible rivers, bayous, and deltas are kept safe and protected. Greater infrastructural capacity is going to help Louisiana, just like it always has. Let’s make a commitment to expanding and improving our position in the energy world, helping every Louisianian along the way.