Bayou Bridge Tax Revenues Bolster St. Martin Parish Financials

An article in The Daily Iberian today highlighted the financial benefits the St. Martin Parish receives from the Bayou Bridge Pipeline that runs from Lake Charles to St. James, Louisiana.

St. Martin Parish’s tax assessor Todd Dugas said the community received a “very positive report” on the past year’s ad valorem taxes. The article noted:

Dugas said that adding the $11 million portion of the [Bayou Bridge Pipeline] that passed through St. Martin Parish to the books, along with a general increase in the valuations of pipelines in general, helped make up for other areas that did not fare as well.

Since coming into service in April, the pipeline has been safely transporting crude oil across 11 parishes in Louisiana. This is a great example of how energy infrastructure contributes economic benefits to local communities long after construction is complete.