Bayou Bridge Pipeline opponents launch another extraneous legal challenge

Despite the Bayou Bridge Pipeline being more than 90% complete and expected to come into service later this quarter, environmental activists have once again called for a work-stop order on pipeline construction. This is the latest attempt to obstruct the legally-permitted project, which has faced opposition ranging from fringe protester antics in the swamps to a number of futile legal challenges.

Bayou Bridge underwent a rigorous permitting and approval process, and has taken extensive measures to preserve the land conditions along the route and prioritize environmental conversation. As the US Attorney representing the Army Corps contends: “Plaintiffs’ attempts to secure piecemeal adjudication of their claims have been a recurring theme of this litigation, and show no signs of abating.”

Nothing has changed since activists’ previous request for an injunction was denied less than a year ago. As the Corps’ legal representation argues, these groups had their day in court, noting “There is no reason for the Court or the parties to engage in a second, hasty preliminary relief litigation under these circumstances… The time for rushed, emergency litigation has long since passed.”

It’s time to complete the Bayou Bridge Pipeline. The project has created jobs, promoted economic growth, and continues to provide significant tax revenue for the state and communities along the route. It’s clear the pipeline is not only a win for the energy industry; it’s a win for the state of Louisiana.