Bayou Bridge Developers Taking Extra Precautions with Temporary Work Stop

Yesterday morning, Bayou Bridge pipeline developer Energy Transfer Partners announced they would be temporarily halting construction on a small, disputed parcel of land along the 162-mile pipeline route. This decision comes as the pipeline nears completion, and will soon carry crude oil from St. Charles to St. James. According to a statement from Energy Transfer Partners, the project’s developer, the agreement “does not have any impact to our construction schedule or the timing of our project completion.”

Thorough permitting and regulations play a critical role in modern pipeline development and expansion. Furthermore, continued growth of our critical energy infrastructure is key to affordable and accessible energy for American consumers. A recent letter to the editor in The Advocate highlighted Louisiana’s support for policies that promote the use of lower-cost, locally-made energy, which in turn allows manufacturers to operate more cost-effectively and create good-paying jobs. A steady stream of local, affordable energy will undoubtedly continue to fuel job creation and economic growth throughout the state.

Louisianians for Energy looks forward to the safe completion of Bayou Bridge and the great benefits it will bring to the state of Louisiana.