‘Aerial blockade’ protest tactics risking lives of activists, workers, law enforcement

Despite the fact that the Bayou Bridge Pipeline procured the necessary permits and received approval from the respective regulatory agencies, environmental activists have continued to escalate protest tactics at project construction sites in the Atchafalaya Basin. In their latest attempts, protesters have turned to sitting in suspended platforms tied to multiple trees, known as “sky pods,” in an effort to block pipeline construction. The Daily Caller visited one of the resistance camps in the Atchafalaya Basin, and spoke with an activist who went into detail on the so-called “sky pods”:

“All I can say really is that there is a lifeline and it holds someone’s life in its hands so nobody better cut it,” he said, pointing to two makeshift treehouses above him that he claimed his companions were living in. The purpose of the treehouses, one of them is pictured below, was a tried-and-true method of pipeline protesters: remain in a tree that sits along the construction path in order to prevent pipeline workers from cutting it down, thus slowing its completion.

However, these are not just harmless demonstrations as the activist suggests. One of the resistance groups, L’eau Est La Vie Camp, has alleged that responding law enforcement has put lives at risk, but it is the tactics of the protesters themselves that are actually endangering pipeline workers and law enforcement alike. In fact, stopping construction as a result of protester interference could bring harm to the very habitats activists claim to protect. It is time for protesters to take a step back and consider the hard-working men and women they are putting in danger before carrying out these unlawful acts.

Louisianians for Energy encourages protesters to consider their safety, as well as the safety of both the workers and local law enforcement before participating in risky demonstrations at pipeline construction sites. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and courts have reviewed Bayou Bridge and reaffirmed its legality and safe practices. We look forward to the completion of project later this year, and the great benefits it will bring to the people of Louisiana!