Advocate Editorial Board: Pipelines are key to safe energy and economic development

The Advocate recently published an opinion piece by the newspaper’s editorial board highlighting the importance of energy infrastructure projects like the Bayou Bridge Pipeline and the safe practices of pipelines. Bayou Bridge has been criticized by environmental activists, alleging that the environmental remediation planned is insufficient and that the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources should have required the company building the pipeline to “jump through more hoops” before being given final approval. Even with these unexpected hurdles, the project is expected to be completed by October.

Bayou Bridge provides both extensive economic benefits to local communities along the pipeline route as well as to the state of Louisiana. Investing in our energy infrastructure provides thousands of good-paying jobs and millions of dollars in tax revenue. In addition to economic benefits, there is not a more efficient, or safe, method of transporting oil to refineries. The U.S. Department of Energy contends that pipelines are by far the safest way to transport petrochemicals. As prompted in the editorial:

Those economic benefits are tangible and important, but — as in North Dakota — how should thousands of barrels of oil be transported? In trucks on Louisiana’s crumbling roads? On rail, probably safer, but also imposing vast new burdens on the freight lines.

The importance of Bayou Bridge cannot be overstated. Once complete, the pipeline will greatly enhance energy infrastructure across the country. As stated in the editorial:

Bayou Bridge is the last link in a pipeline network connecting the Bakken oil fields in North Dakota with Louisiana refineries and export terminals. It will make Louisiana-refined products more competitive in national markets and in exports overseas, a vital new component of our state’s economic base.

Louisianians for Energy looks forward to the safe completion of Bayou Bridge and the numerous benefits it will bring not only to the energy industry, but also to the surrounding communities and the state of Louisiana. We applaud The Advocate for voicing their support for the project and the state’s energy industry.

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