Activist Group Continues to Oppose Bayou Bridge Pipeline

Despite the Bayou Bridge Pipeline’s safe operation for nearly 6 months, activist group Atchafalaya Basinkeeper has continued to oppose the permitted energy infrastructure project. WBRZ recently featured Louisianians for Energy President Randy Hayden in a segment regarding the importance of Bayou Bridge and Energy Transfer’s commitment to safety and environmental conservation. See the video here.

Hayden underscored that the U.S. Army Corps extensively reviewed and ultimately permitted the pipeline. State regulators also issued the necessary permits. Even the courts have affirmed the pipeline’s legal standing a number of times. Despite these facts, activists continue to threaten further challenges to the operational pipeline.

Investment in energy infrastructure is key to Louisiana’s economic success. Energy infrastructure projects like Bayou Bridge support thousands of high-skilled construction jobs, economic growth, and increased tax revenue for communities along the route. In addition, a strong pipeline network is critical to transporting the record amount of crude oil the U.S. continues to produce to consumer markets and export terminals. As Hayden concluded, “We do pipelines better than anyone in the world. If there is a place that I would feel safe about pipelines, Louisiana is the place.”