Louisiana Energy Industry: Critical Source of Employment for the State

Louisiana is at the heart of oil and natural gas production. With countless Louisianians employed in the state’s energy sector, their future relies on these continued job opportunities. The energy industry is a major contributor to Louisiana helping to fuel job growth in the state. From January to June 2017 Louisiana added an average of 3,300 jobs per month and doubled the national average job growth in the second quarter last year, according to the State of Working Louisiana. And what is to thank for the state’s boom in job growth? Construction in the energy sector. Louisiana’s construction industry increased… Read More

Judge Halts Bayou Bridge Pipeline, Harms Louisiana Workers and Economy

Late last week, District Court Judge Shelly Dick issued a preliminary injunction against the Bayou Bridge Pipeline, delaying construction on an important piece of our state’s infrastructure and hurting communities across the region. A delay in construction could result in significant economic impacts on the region, preventing millions of dollars and thousands of jobs from coming to hard working Louisianians in the Atchafalaya Basin. The halt will have an immediate detrimental effect on the developer of Bayou Bridge, but those effects will also be felt by the local men and women who would benefit from the project’s construction. With up… Read More

New Shipping Capability Creates Tremendous Opportunity For Louisiana

18 miles offshore from Port Fourchon, Louisiana, the Louisiana Offshore Oil Port (LOOP) recently completed its first Very Large Crude Carrier (VLCC) loading operation at its deepwater port. The operation allowed LOOP to fully load a VLCC, making it the only U.S. Port to have the capability. This first VLCC left LOOP on Sunday afternoon, and is expected to arrive in China in early April. LOOP bringing this capability online is the latest step in the development of Louisiana’s oil and gas industry, and serves as an important milestone for our state’s position in the American energy market. Louisiana is… Read More