Oil & Gas Industry – A Lifeline for Louisiana Businesses

Energy isn’t the only industry that benefits from the growing number of pipeline infrastructure projects across the country. InsideSources recently published an article on the importance of the oil and gas industry for small business in Louisiana. While the energy industry offers more than 260,000 jobs in Louisiana and supports thousands of others in small towns across the state, the development of infrastructure projects also provides much-needed commerce for small businesses in the region. The article highlights the experience of small business owner Kyle Bertrand, and the benefits he has experienced from nearby oil and gas projects. Bertrand owns a… Read More

Louisianians for Energy Commends U.S. Appeals Court Decision on Army Corps of Engineers and Bayou Bridge

The U.S. 5th Circuit of Appeals ruled last week that the Army Corps of Engineers rightfully granted construction permits to the Bayou Bridge Pipeline. The 2-1 decision overturned U.S. District Judge Shelly Dick’s February injunction, which ordered pipeline construction to be halted in the Atchafalaya Basin per allegations of potential environmental harm. A number of activist groups had petitioned for the injunction, arguing the clearing of cypress and tupelo trees to clear the pipeline route would cause irrevocable damage to the basin. The appeals court found that the Corps’ two environmental assessments under the Clean Water Act and Rivers and… Read More

Advocate Editorial Board: Pipelines are key to safe energy and economic development

The Advocate recently published an opinion piece by the newspaper’s editorial board highlighting the importance of energy infrastructure projects like the Bayou Bridge Pipeline and the safe practices of pipelines. Bayou Bridge has been criticized by environmental activists, alleging that the environmental remediation planned is insufficient and that the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources should have required the company building the pipeline to “jump through more hoops” before being given final approval. Even with these unexpected hurdles, the project is expected to be completed by October. Bayou Bridge provides both extensive economic benefits to local communities along the pipeline route… Read More

Gov. Edwards Voices Support for Louisiana Energy Infrastructure

During his most recent “Ask the Governor” radio series, Governor John Bel Edwards received a constituent question regarding concerns over the Bayou Bridge Pipeline. Edwards expressed his support for the project, responding, “A properly constructed modern pipeline is the safest way to transport these products.” Governor Edwards acknowledged that protecting Louisiana’s environment is a top priority of his administration. However, environmental conservation and economic growth are not mutually exclusive. Edwards reiterated that the pipeline’s builders have obtained all necessary permits and will continue to follow all laws during the construction process, ensuring that no corners are cut. The economic benefits… Read More

“Let’s Make Sure We Get the Facts Right” on Bayou Bridge

Lousianians for Energy President Randy Hayden recently wrote a letter published in The Advocate to address the growing issue of misinformation regarding the Bayou Bridge Pipeline. Activist groups and media outlets have disseminated false statements and accusations regarding the project. However, as Hayden writes: The Bayou Bridge pipeline has been under stringent review by federal, state, and local authorities for more than a year. Highly skilled and expert career professionals examined every aspect of this pipeline’s planned construction and found that it would have little to no impact on the environment as well as the local communities along the route.… Read More

False Reporting on Judge Turner’s Decision on Bayou Bridge Pipeline

Energy infrastructure often faces an uphill battle, with many opponents pushing misinformation on the safety of the projects. Now the media is distorting the truth, reporting false facts on Bayou Bridge Pipeline. A local media report stated a Louisiana District Court judge’s order could halt progress on construction of the Bayou Bridge Pipeline. This is false. What Judge Alvin Turner Jr. actually ruled is that the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) “adjudged and decreed that the matter [be] remanded to the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources for further proceedings.” Meaning Judge Turner actually ordered the DNR to take another… Read More

Bayou Bridge Opponent Calls for Standing Rock 2.0

In late 2016, thousands of demonstrators descended on camps in North Dakota to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline. Once those camps were finally cleared in March 2017, North Dakota residents were faced with a staggering array of issues. Protesters decided to light the camp on fire once they were forced to vacate. Cleanup efforts of an estimated 21 million pounds of trash and debris left behind required 835 dumpsters to haul away and cost as much as $1 million. Not to mention the cost of policing the protests, which surpassed $22 million. And some would appear to want to recreate… Read More

Out-of-State Protesters Target Bayou Bridge Pipeline

Last week, nine protesters trespassed on private property in Jeff Davis Parish to demonstrate against the Bayou Bridge Pipeline. According to authorities, these protesters were “mingling near heavy equipment [and] ‘causing a safety hazard for themselves and the construction workers’,” according to the Daily Advertiser. They were cited for trespassing and released. What is more, the majority of these protesters are not even from Louisiana. Hailing from destinations as far away as Portland, Oregon and New York, New York, these agitators took it upon themselves to travel to our state and seemingly attempt to disrupt construction of an infrastructure project… Read More

Oil and Gas Revenue Sharing to Provide $82 Million for Louisiana

For decades, Louisiana has been a crucial hub for the nation’s oil and gas industry. Through both the state’s production of energy resources as well as its transporting and refining capabilities, our state has played a huge role in meeting the nation’s energy needs. Fortunately, the state is expected to see some additional funding benefits from the energy industry’s ongoing operations. As the Times-Picayune recently reported: The state of Louisiana will receive $82 million in Gulf of Mexico offshore revenue in the next few months under the Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act, representing the first large payment under the… Read More

New Study Underscores Importance of Louisiana’s Energy Industry to State Economy

Respected economist and LSU Professor Emeritus Dr. Loren Scott recently published a study titled “The Energy Sector: Still A Giant Economic Engine for the Louisiana Economy.” The report details the myriad economic benefits of the oil and natural gas industry in our state. Some key metrics that the study highlights: 92,000 miles of pipeline in Louisiana, onshore and offshore 44,580 directly employed by energy sector paying $5.3 billion in wages Wages in the pipeline industry were $1,673/week 26% higher than the average manufacturing wage  As Marc Ehrhardt, Executive Director of Grow Louisiana Coalition, related: In the face of an unpredictable… Read More